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Who We Are

We provide all kinds of computer services Melbourne. Our expert geeks are providing quality computer support Melbourne to make your daily life easier.

Our Mission

  • To provide best computer repairs Melbourne services at the lowest cost.
  • To reach your doorstep to reduce your daily life problems and offer you the quality computer repair Melbourne service.
  • To offer you the best Melbourne computer repair service, our experts are always ready.

Computer Technician Melbourne Vision

  • We want to keep the position of being best in Melbourne computer repairs service.
  • We want to spread the branches of IT services Melbourne all over the Australia.
  • We always want to keep the lowest price and highest quality of computer support Melbourne.

Our Belief

  • We believe computer repairing service is worth money.
  • We believe our expert technicians can make your life a bit easier in these busy days. Your smiling faces and positive replies motivate us to serve more.
  • We believe we can make this world better by providing repair services to IT sectors as IT industry is now the heart of the modern world.

Why Computer Technician Melbourne?

  • Our expert technicians are Microsoft certified.
  • Our experts have Real-life Experience.
  • Our experts have Good command over English.
  • Our experts hold Polite and Friendly Behavior.

Our Services

Computer Repairs Melbourne Service

  • Desktop PC repairs Melbourne – We provide all kinds of desktop PC repair Melbourne services. We give support for both hardware and software failure.
  • Laptop repair Melbourne – We offer cheap laptop repairs Melbourne services only for you. For example, we provide laptop screen repair Melbourne service on a daily basis.
  • Mac repairs Melbourne – We are always ready to serve you any kind of Apple Mac repairs Melbourne VIC service if you need. MacBook pro repairs Melbourne service is one of the most demanding services among them.

Computer Virus Removal Melbourne Service

  • We provide all kinds of virus removal services to make your device safer.
  • If your device is giving problems for any virus related problems, we are always here to help you.

Cheap Data Recovery Melbourne Service

  • If you face any data loss, our experts are always ready to bring it back.
  • Data can be lost for various reasons. If you want to know the reason, we can help you.

Computer Networking Melbourne Service

  • We provide network cabling Melbourne services that help to cure faulty networks.
  • If you are facing any major problem, you may take the data cabling Melbourne service.

Computer Upgrades Melbourne Service

  • We provide various kinds of hardware upgrades that will help you to run your device more efficiently.
  • We also offer various kinds of software upgrade services, such as the service of upgrade windows. So our technicians can help you as both Windows 8 upgrade advisor and Windows 7 upgrade advisor offline.

Types of Services

On-site Services

  • Our main concentration is to provide on-site services to you because we care for you.
  • Our on-site services offer the lowest cost, highest quality and effective solutions.

Off-site Services

  • If you want to get the off-site services from our computer repair shop Melbourne, you have to appoint a time before visiting us as most of our technicians keep busy in providing on-site services.
  • Our computer repair shops Melbourne provides you the highest quality services at the lowest cost.

Our Success

  • We have an average of 90% success ratio.
  • 10% is our approximate failure rate that is decreasing day by day as we are learning from mistakes and becoming more experienced.

Our Working Process

  • We receive messages from you via phone calls, emails etc. and prepare ourselves to reach you.
  • We reach you exactly at the appointed time.
  • We take all the responsibilities of your damaged or faulty device and fix it within a short time.
  • We take the price after the work is completed and you are fully satisfied.

Our Commitments

  • Solving Problems is our first and most important commitment. We always push ourselves to solve your problems.
  • Valuation of Time is one of our commitments. We always try our best to fix things up by spending a little amount of time. Needed time is dependent on the complexity of the work.
  • Reach you at the Appointed Time is another commitment we make to you. We reach you exactly at appointed time, not before, not after!
  • Bringing Essential Materials is our commitment. So you don’t have to worry about little things!
  • Polite, Friendly and Plain English Speaking Geeks is our commitment too. They will solve all your problems in the blink of an eye.
  • ‘Cheap Price and Better Service’ is another commitment we make to you. We don’t do business, we provide services that give us satisfaction.

Computer Technician Melbourne Service Providing Areas

  • Melbourne
  • Areas which are located within 45 minutes driving distance from Melbourne, such as – Frankston, Geelong etc.

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