Cheap Computer Repair Melbourne – 5 Hardware Problems & Solutions

cheap computer repair Melbourne
G’day mates! Today cheap computer repair Melbourne going to discuss about some major Hardware Problems that are killing your computer. This cheap computer repair Melbourne guide will help you to find out those problems and also provide you the solutions. We’ll also give you some important and effective Tips to keep your computer healthy.

Why You Should Read This
• To reveal the answer, why is your computer behaving abnormally?
• To know, what things are killing your computer inside, you don’t even know!?
• To check out, is your computer showing any hardware damage symptoms and why?
• To sort out, how can you fix those deadly problems?

What Hardware is
• Physical elements which build up computer.
• Components which are physically tangible.
• Elements which help software to process inputs and provide outputs.

5 Major Hardware & their Functions
Hardware Names – Functions
1. Motherboard – Connects and controls all of the essential elements.
2. Central Processing Unit (CPU) / Processor – Processes all the instructions given.
3. Random Access Memory (RAM) – Stores running programs and data for the programs.
4. Hard Drive (HDD) – Stores and retrieves data.
5. Power Supply – Supplies electric energy.

5 Major Hardware Damages – Symptoms & Reasons
1. Motherboard Problems
• Symptoms –
• Computer turns off randomly.
• Computer turns on for just a few seconds, then turns off.
• Operating system starts to load, but then shuts down.
• Operating system errors, e.g. ‘Blue Screens of Death’ (BSOD) appear randomly.
• Computer turns on, but you cannot see a live screen.
• Computer freezes without any reason.
• Burning smell comes out while computer is running.
• Some components respond, but some others don’t.
• Connected devices, which worked before, suddenly stopped working.
• Reasons –
• If the motherboard has Physical Damages, it gives problems.
• If the computer has a Faulty Power Supply, motherboard becomes damaged.
• If the computer experiences Heating Issues, motherboard doesn’t operate correctly.
• An Electrical Surge can destroy your computer’s motherboard.
• Sometimes you may have the bitter experience of Manufacturer Design Defects!
• Dust, dart, smoke etc. shorten the lifetime of a motherboard.

2. Central Processing Unit (CPU)/ Processor Problems
• Symptoms –
• Computer turns on, but turns off immediately.
• Computer starts, but no beeps, no screen or any other response.
• Computer starts, but operating system is not loading.
• Operating system loads, but freezes at the last moment.
• After running a few minutes, operating system freezes.
• ‘Blue Screens of Death’ (BSOD) appears whenever the operating system loads.
• Reasons –
• If CPU has Heating Issues, it stops working.
• If your computer is Old, CPU may stop working.
• If Electrical Surge e.g. high voltage spike occurs, it may damage your CPU.
• Over clocking your CPU unrealistically sometimes damages it.

3. Random Access Memory (RAM) Problems
• Symptoms –
• Programs are taking lots of time to load or run.
• Programs crash suddenly.
• Operating system freezes instantly.
• ‘Blue Screens of Death’ (BSOD) appears whenever the operating system loads.
• New programs don’t get installed correctly.
• An error message e.g. “BIOS Corrupted” appears while the operating system loads.
• Reasons –
• Electrical Surge e.g. high voltage spike damages RAM.
• Over clocking is another reason to damage RAM.
• Faulty Memory Module causes problem to run RAM.
• Overheat can damage RAM.
• Age is another factor which can decrease the performance of RAM dramatically.

4. Hard Drive (HDD) Problems
• Symptoms –
• Computer freezes on a continuous basis.
• Files start to disappear.
• Computer takes a lot of time to boot.
• Speed of running programs slows to a turtle’s pace.
• File access becomes horribly slow.
• Strange metallic noises come out when you want to boot your computer.
• Computer doesn’t start.
• ‘Blue Screens of Death’ (BSOD) or other error message appears whenever the operating system loads.
• Reasons –
• Electrical Surges, Shocks etc. are responsible for hard drive crash.
• Any kind of Physical Damage, e.g. attacked by water, can damage your hard drive.
• Bad cooling system causes Heating Issues that can damage your hard drive.
• Corrupted Files causes hard drive crash.
• Malware Infections can damage your hard drive.
• In some cases, Manufacturer Design Defects are responsible for hard drive damage.
• Old hard drives are not very stable, so they crash.

5. Power Supply Problems
• Symptoms –
• Computer fails to start.
• Computer starts to reboot spontaneously.
• System case and connectors give electric shocks.
• Memory errors appear.
• Fan stops working.
• Hard disk fails to operate its tasks.
• Computer gives unexplained video errors.
• System makes different types of noises.
• If power supply completely fails, pushing power button doesn’t do anything.
• Burning smell comes out from the computer.
• Smoke emits from the computer.
• Reasons –
• If the power supply is over loaded, it can stop working.
• If the Cooling System fails to maintain cool temperature, power supply damages.
• Old power supply stops working it self.
• Excessive or Insufficient Voltage damages power supply.
• Dust, dart etc. hampers cooling that cause’s power supply problem.
• Any kind of Physical Damage is also responsible for power supply failure.

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Tips for cheap computer repair Melbourne
• If you can’t find any proper solution for your device, please don’t push it too much. It may damage it more. Contact us ASAP for cheap computer repair Melbourne service or try to solve your problem in a gentle manner.
• Try to use a surge protector and a battery backup to protect your computer from all kinds of electrical hazards.
• Always check your computer’s cooling system is it properly working or not.
• Try to update your computer software and hardware time to time.
• Try to keep your computer neat and clean on a regular basis.
• Don’t over clock your computer beyond its ability.
• Try to protect your computer from any type of physical damage.
• Check your computer’s power supply and find out is it defected, or not.
• Keep your computer clean from corrupted files and malware infections.


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