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computer repairs Melbourne vic
Hello mates! Today computer repairs Melbourne VIC is going to reveal those 3 deadly problems that are killing your PC (Personal Computer) silently, you don’t even know! This cheap computer repairs Melbourne VIC guide is to provide you the best computer fix Melbourne service. Here we’ll discuss about those Problems and Solutions. Thus, you’ll get the ultimate computer support Melbourne. You will also find some Effective Tips about PC-care at the end of the writing.

# 3 Deadly Problems
1. Monitor is Dead
• Monitor does not respond to anything.
• Suddenly monitor turns off while you are working.
• Monitor behaves abnormally, e.g. Brightness, contrast, etc. changes automatically.
• Fonts, icons, screen resolution etc. create problems.
• Monitor screen becomes discolored, blurry, fuzzy etc.
• Buttons attached to monitor stop working.
• If your computer is suffering from Overheated Motherboard, monitor will give problem.
• If your computer has Overheated Video Card issue, monitor will not operate correctly.
• If your computer is suffering from Binary Operating System (B.I.O.S.) Corruption, monitor will give problem for sure.
• Another important reason for dead monitor is Operating System Corrupted.
• Hard Disk Crash is also responsible for the disturbance of monitor.
• Damaged Cable can also be the reason behind the problems given by your monitor.
• Sometimes Recent Hardware Changes forces monitor not to work properly.
• Many more!

2. Central Processing Unit (CPU) / Processor is Dead
• If you turn on the computer, it immediately turns off without any valid reason.
• If computer is started, it doesn’t provide any response, e.g. no sound, no screen etc.
• If the computer starts, the operating system fails to load.
• If the operating system loads, it freezes at the last moment.
• Operating system freezes suddenly when it’s running.
• If the operating system loaded, scary ‘Blue Screens of Death’ (BSOD) appears.
• If your computer is suffering from Heating Issues, CPU may become dead.
• If your computer is too old to operate, CPU may cause problems.
• Electrical Surges e.g. high voltage spike occurs etc. can damage your CPU permanently.
• If you Over clock your computer unwisely, that may damage your CPU.

3. Motherboard is Dead
• If you start computer, it turns off automatically.
• Computer keeps running for a few seconds, then turns off.
• Operating system loads, but whenever the loading is completed it turns off.
• Scary ‘Blue Screens of Death’ (BSOD) appear randomly.
• Computer turns on but no live screen can be seen.
• Computer freezes without any specific reason.
• Burning smell comes out from the CPU.
• Some components respond, but some other don’t.
• Connected devices, which worked before, suddenly stopped working.
• Physical Damage is a reason that can cause problem to motherboard.
• Faulty Power Supply can make issues for motherboard.
• Heating Issues can also damage motherboard.
• An Electrical Surge can destroy your computer’s motherboard.
• Manufacturer Design Defects sometimes can be the reason of motherboard failure.
• Dust, dart, smoke etc. shorten the lifetime of a motherboard.

Solutions to Problems – Cheap Computer Repairs Melbourne VIC

Desktop PC Repairs Melbourne
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Laptop Repairs Melbourne
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Areas We Cover
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• If you can’t fix your computer issues, please don’t push it so much. That may damage it permanently. You can contact cheap computer repairs Melbourne VIC services to get the cheap computer repairs Melbourne VIC service.
• Always try to use a surge protector and a battery backup that will obviously help you to protect your PC from all kinds of electrical hazards.
• Your computer’s cooling system is very important, so monitor its performance time to time.
• Your computer’s hardware and software need to be updated time to time.
• A neat and clean computer provides service for a long time
• If you want to over clock your PC, we highly recommend you to contact our computer support Melbourne service. If you want to do it on your own, please be careful.
• Always try to avoid any kind of physical damage.
• Power supply plays a vital role, so always try to check whether it’s working or not.
• You should always protect your computer from all kinds of virus, corrupted files, malware etc.


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